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SIRA has many events throughout the year, including the annual conference (SIRAcon), a monthly webinar series, local chapter meetings and training seminars.

  • Monthly Webinar Series: Always free and open to the public, SIRA's webinar series features industry leaders and luminaries across a diverse range of topics. Recordings of past webinars are available in the Members area.

  • SIRAcon: Since 2012, SIRA's annual conference is our big event of the year and is a great opportunity to network, meet peers, and listen to great talks. Over 60 hours of past SIRAcon recordings are available in the Members area (great for catching up on CPE's!)

  • Local Chapter Meetings: We are starting up local SIRA chapters - watch this page for an event near you. Want to start a local chapter? Check out out SIRA Committee and Task Forces page for more information.

  • Training Seminars: SIRA conducts risk management and quantification training seminars throughout the year. New events will be announced here.

See the event list below for upcoming and past events.

Upcoming events

    • 12/17/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

    Speaker: Vince Dasta
    Price: Free
    One of the most common complaints in risk analysis is that there isn't enough data. We all know that it is impossible to collect all of the data about a risk, but at what point should you stop collecting information and move forward with your analysis? In this talk, we will be exploring information asymmetry in a variety of real cybersecurity decisions and how a risk analysis can understand the value of information to determine "How much is enough?"

Past events

11/19/2021 November 2021 Webinar: Critical Thinking, Systems Thinking and Design Thinking for Cybersecurity
10/29/2021 October 2021 Webinar: Speaking the Language of Uncertainty When You Are a Risk Mad Scientist
09/24/2021 September 2021 Webinar: Basic Risk Calculator: Putting a Nail in the Coffin of the Risk Matrix
08/27/2021 August 2021 Webinar: Impertinence
08/04/2021 SIRAcon 2021
07/30/2021 July 2021 Webinar: Communicating Quantitative Risk Results to the Board
06/25/2021 June 2021: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Quantitative Risk, but Were Afraid to Ask
05/28/2021 May 2021 Webinar: Aligning our Security Programs with ERM
04/30/2021 April 2021 Webinar: Calculating Reserves for Cyber Risk
03/26/2021 March 2021 Webinar: All Roads Lead to Risk | Lisa Young
02/26/2021 February 2021 Webinar: Rigorous Quantitative Analysis of Inherent and Residual Risk | Rachael Lininger
12/18/2020 December 2020 Webinar: 80/20 Cyber Risk Management: Prioritizing Issues That Matter Most | Apolonio Garcia
11/20/2020 November 2020 Webinar #2: Updates to the Open FAIR™ Standard & Next Steps | John Linford
11/05/2020 November 2020 Webinar: ISACA's New Risk Fundamentals Certificate | Paul Phillips
10/30/2020 October 2020 Webinar: Using Open FAIR to Demonstrate Business Value | Chris Carlson
09/25/2020 September 2020 Webinar: Inverting the Vulnerability Management Pyramid | Michael Roytman
09/15/2020 SIRA's Northwest Arkansas Chapter Launch Event
08/25/2020 SIRAcon 2020
07/31/2020 July 2020 Webinar #2: Cybersecurity risk assessment with R | Corey Neskey
04/30/2020 April 2020 Webinar #2: 10 Things I Hate About TCAP | Rockie Brockway
04/17/2020 April 2020 Webinar #1: What's Up with the Information Risk Management Body of Knowledge (IRMBOK)? | Jeff Lowder
03/26/2020 March 2020: Multi-dimensional Risk Modeling in the Real World | William Reed
02/27/2020 February 2020 Webinar: Analyzing Risk the FAIR way: Now and Into the Future | Mike Jerbic
01/30/2020 January 2020 Webinar: The Failure of Quantitative Information Risk Analysis - and some approaches for fixing it | Jim Lipkis
12/19/2019 December 2019 Webinar: Unholy concoction of risk management practices – FAIR/CSF/MSSP | Ian Amit
11/21/2019 November 2019 Webinar: Making Sense of Information Risk with Bow Ties and Numbers | David Vose
10/31/2019 October 2019 Webinar: The Past, Present, and Future of Crowdsourcing Forecasts | Adam Siegel
09/26/2019 September 2019 Webinar: Nuggets of Wisdom: Getting Insights Without Drowning in Data | Marta Palanques
08/29/2019 August 2019 Webinar: Predictive Vulnerability Scoring System | Jay Jacobs & Michael Roytman
07/25/2019 July 2019 Webinar: The Failure of Risk Management: Why it's Still Broken and How to Fix It | Doug Hubbard
06/27/2019 June 2019 Webinar: Incentivizing Better Risk Decisions: Lessons from Rogue Actuaries | Tony Martin-Vegue
04/30/2019 SIRACon 2019
04/02/2019 April 2019 Webinar: Two Perspectives on Data-Driven Thinking | Fahmida Rasheed and Jay Jacobs
05/22/2018 May 2018 Webinar: Evaluator - Open Source Quantitative Risk Management Made Easy | David Severski
02/07/2018 SIRACon 2018
10/12/2016 SIRAcon 2016

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