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Presidents letter 2017

To all SIRA members and interested parties,

The SIRA Board has been working hard to define and refine the mission, vision, and values of the SIRA organization, increase the frequency of communications, and the value proposition of becoming a SIRA member or attending the upcoming SIRACon event. Here’s what we have come up with so far and we are still working on the Vision. I’d like to give credit for the Tagline to whomever put it on the banner at SIRACon 2016 so please speak up on the list.

Tagline: Data > Dogma

Mission: To improve the practice of evidence-based information risk analysis.

I became the President of the board in April of 2017 and along with my fellow volunteer army of board members: Marcin Antkiewicz, John Benninghoff, John Hoffoss, Michael Roytman, and Evan Wheeler.  We have been led in a strategic planning exercise by our friend and fellow SIRA member, Apolonio Garcia, who has agreed to be our coach as we journey through the next year.

As a board, we have decided to focus on three areas which we believe are necessary to revive and energize our members and other interested parties.  The three areas of immediate focus are:

1.     Improve communications, among board members, with members and between members.  This means using the Google Groups (!forum/sira-public) for interesting conversation and discussion as well as posting updates more regularly to the web page (
2.     Improve “execution” of board members prioritizing SIRA work, getting members involved, recruiting volunteers, developing task lists, plans, management processes, and systems. This means providing direction and tasking for people who would like to be more involved in helping to run the operations of SIRA and SIRACon.
3.     A great SIRACon conference in 2018.  SIRACon 2018 is scheduled for February 7 & 8, 2018 in Seattle, Washington and will be hosted at the Starbucks corporate facility.  The call for papers will be open on or around September 1, 2017. We are seeking speakers, proposal reviewers, and volunteers to get involved.

As we move forward with our plans, we would like to thank the previous SIRA Board members for their support in the transition, and for leaving us with the encouragement we need to continue the good work they started.

I would love to hear from you all, especially if you are interested in volunteering for SIRACon.


Lisa Young

P.S. join the Google groups if you want to contact the board.

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