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November 19, 2019

Dear SIRAnauts,


We are happy to announce the call for proposals (CFP) for SIRACon 2020 is open NOW.  SIRACon 2020 will take place in Tampa, Florida on April 22 & 23, 2020. 


This year the program committee will use an early-selection process to choose speakers from the set of submissions that are received by each deadline listed below.  Hopefully, this will encourage speakers to submit and commit faster than in the previous year. You get to know earlier, the community gets to know earlier, and we get to show you off sooner in our marketing and promotion materials.


The chances of securing a speaking slot increase the earlier you submit your proposal. 

December 13, 2019, at midnight eastern time is the first deadline from which speaker selections will be made. We hope to fill as many slots as we can from the first batch of submissions and would ideally be picking anchor talks by Dec 20. After that, we will select from the entire pool of submissions to fill the remaining slots.

January 13, 2020, at midnight eastern time is the final round of speaker selections.

We encourage new speakers and new analytic methods, tools, and ideas. Also, your proposal will be considered for a webinar for the larger quantitative risk analyst community.


Information Risk Management is what we do. It's what we think about, talk about, dream about, and love to hear new ideas about. If you're obsessed with finding a better way to measure and manage information risk, SIRACon Is the place to be. You'll find yourself among a community of supportive peers who are eager to help you further develop your ideas. So, come join the fun and show us what you've got!


Submitted topics should represent original works and be of interest to the SIRA membership. Real-life case studies (redacted/anonymized as needed) are generally preferred over more theoretical discussions, but all topics will be considered. Established and new presenters are all encouraged to respond. Please indicate whether your session will be a lecture, group discussion, demonstration, etc. and how much time you would like to cover the topic. We encourage short talks and the testing of ideas and theories in the quantitative risk arena.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Building a risk management program

  • Adding quantification to an existing risk management program

  • Successes/challenges with risk metrics

  • Harmonizing myriad risk scales and impact criteria across an enterprise

  • Developing KRIs

  • Regulations and standards within risk analysis

  • Risk communication/perception

  • Risk reporting

  • Risk aggregation across multiple analytic efforts

  • Cyber insurance and risk quantification

  • Economic influences within risk management

  • Optimal investment in information security

  • Cyber-defense strategy and game theory

  • Incentives for information sharing and cooperation

  • The joy of using math to analyze risk

  • The pitfalls of not using math to analyze risk

  • Some variation of the last two

  • Some variation of anything on the list


SIRACon 2020 Dates: April 22 & 23, 2020

The pre-conference training day is April 21, 2020.


Location: Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL


We look forward to seeing you in Tampa in April!


Lisa Young

President, Society of Information Risk Analysts

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